Computer Replacement Guidelines

PDM IT Purchasing Policies and Guidelines

PDM IT is responsible for purchasing computer equipment, peripherals, and software.  The following policies and guidelines will guide you through the PDM computer purchasing process.

PC, MAC, and Laptop Policy

The lifecycle policy for PDM computer equipment is replacement after 3-5 years. All computers come with a 3 year warranty. In some cases a computer could be replaced, if it’s out of warranty and beyond repair. In these cases PDM IT will evaluate the computer and cost to repair.

Standard Computer Order

  • PC, MAC, Laptop, or MacBook (Current Supported Models)

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Monitor

  • Docking Station (laptop only)

*If requesting additional peripherals other than our standards it will be charged to your budget.

*Computers for Research that require higher specifications or request for computers with higher specifications other than our current supported model, can be purchased through your department budget, discretionary fund, or research grant.

iPad Policy

iPads for students are purchased by PDM IT, which include a 3-year AppleCare+ Warranty and an iPad Smart Cover. PDM IT does not purchase any additional accessories for the device; if a Student requires additional accessories they can be purchased on campus at Computer Connection or the Apple Store.

*iPads that are purchased for faculty and staff will be reviewed by PDM Finance/IT and charged to your department budget, discretionary fund, or research grant.

Computer Peripheral Policy

Additional peripherals and devices request are reviewed PDM Finance/IT  and charged to your department budget, discretionary fund, or research grant.

  • Wireless Mouse

  • Wireless Keyboard

  • Printer

  • Scanner

  • Additional Monitor

  • Any device that is not included as part of the PDM IT computer standard.

Current Vendor List

  • Dell (PC, Laptop, and Monitors)

  • Apple (MAC, MacBook, and iPads)

  • HP (Printers and Scanners)



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