Senior Class Graduates: Technology To Do List

Your Technology and Email accounts will be de-commisioned as part of your Senior Sign-Out and normal PDM-IT off-boarding procedures.

We are coordinating this account management process with the Student Affairs office.  They will provide a list to let us know if you will need to use this account beyond July 1st to complete your studies at PDM. If so your accounts will not be disabled.


Penn O365 Email account de-comission

Your PDM email account is scheduled to be disabled this summer as part of account off-boarding at Penn Dental Medicine.  The email account will be disabled on or about July 1st, 2018.

Before the email account is disabled you may want to consider some of the following options:

1)     You can add an auto-reply to your email account to notify external senders that this account is going away:

2)     You can back-up your email so you can access it through a personal Outlook client:

Your access to One Drive and Office365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) will be discontinued.  These accounts are connected to the credentials provided by Penn which will become in-active.

- You can setup a personal account with Microsoft (or if you get these same services provided by your next school) and just add the new credentials.  You will not need to un-install your Office365 applications.
- If you do not select a new subscription option with Microsoft your current Office 365 applications will revert to a “read-only” mode. 

3)     Option to purchase office subscription from Microsoft:
- You can also use Office Online as a free option:

4)     Option to back-up One Drive data:

5)     You can check with the Penn Alumni office to get an “” email forwarding account:

If you have any questions, please contact the PDM-IT Service Desk through the usual channels.

Email -


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