Penn WebLogin Two-Step Verification

Penn WebLogin two-step verification

Why you should use it

Two-step verification dramatically reduces the risk of someone stealing your identity and attacking Penn. Even if they acquire your password, they still can't log in.

How it works

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of security whenever you log in. Step 1 uses something only you know (your PennKey password). Step 2 uses something only you have (such as your smartphone).

  1. Enter your PennKey and password as usual.
  2. When prompted, enter a code from your phone or other device.

You can automate Step 2 by making your browser trusted (optional). If no one else uses that browser, you only need to enter a code if you haven't used it to log in during the past 30 days.

Get started:

  • Opt in (takes about 15 minutes)

    Step-by-step instructions for enrolling in two-step verification, or re-enrolling if you've previously opted out of the service.

  • Manage settings

    Add a phone or device, opt out of the service, create or edit your profile, generate printable single-use codes, untrust previously trusted browsers, view your recent two-step verification activity, or help a friend who's having trouble logging in.

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