Setting Up PennNet Voicemail

Setting Up a New Voice Mailbox for the First Time

You must set up or initialize your voice mailbox before it will record messages from callers, or before you can use other voice mail features. At the same time, you should establish your personal greetings (what callers will hear when you are unable to answer your phone). This is a short process that typically takes less than 5 minutes and the prompts will guide you through the process.

Before You Start

  • Have your password ready: Your password must be 6 to 15 digits. In addition to numbers 0 through 9, you can also use the star (* ) key to create a password. Create a password that you can remember and is hard for others to guess. Do not use numbers that can be easily guessed like your birthday or house address. 
  • Have your greeting ready: You have the option of recording messages that you want callers to hear when you are unable to answer your phone. Write a script and practice it so you can record your greeting without stumbles or long pauses. If you have a flexible schedule, consider changing your greeting so your information is always current and reflects your schedule.

Instructions for PennNet Mailbox

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