Student Printing Charges

All students at the School of Dental Medicine are provided with access to use the computers and the school network after they have read and signed the Agreement to Appropriately Use Confidential Information form and have been given a username/password combination for the Dental School Network (DSN) domain.

Students when working in the Student Lounge have the ability to print to the printers located in each location. Printing fees are based on the individual logged into the computer. It is each individuals responsibility to ensure that they logoff the computer before leaving the computer lab/student lounge. Students are charged for the use of this service by the following fee schedule:


• Students are provided with 500 free sides of printing per year. All charges begin accruing after that point

• Students are charged a fee of 8 cents per side of paper. While students are encouraged to use duplex printing to save on paper, charges are based on sides printed, not the number of physical pieces of paper.

• The yearly printing timeframe runs from July 1 to June 30th.


• If the paper is out or toner low, students should bring this to the attention of the SDM Help Desk and or lab assistant on duty immediately.

• Print jobs that are illegible or faulty due to low toner/printer jam, should be brought to the attention of the SDM Help Desk or the lab assistant on duty immediately, and appropriate action will be taken, including re-printing of the job and/or crediting the print costs as appropriate. Each situation is dealt with on a case by case basis. REVIEWING PRINTING CHARGES

• Students can ask to review their current print charges at anytime by stopping in to the SDM Help Desk or sending an e-mail to with their DSN username.


• Students will be charged up to two times a year for the previous semesters printing. Seniors will be charged for their outstanding print charges prior to graduation. If you have any question or problems, please contact the SDM Help Desk in person in the back of the Computer Center, via phone at 898-8957 or email at

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