Penn has a cloud-based file management and file sharing service called “Penn+Box.” All Penn faculty, students, and staff are welcome to use the service. Each person starts with 50 Gigabytes of space to save, access, and share their files from anywhere.

The basic Penn+Box service is free to members of the University community. It is also possible to purchase additional storage.

Penn+Box includes a robust set of tools to facilitate:

  • collaboration,
  • easy access from a variety of devices,
  • automatic synching of local files, and
  • integration with applications that allow seamless viewing and editing of a wide variety of content stored on the service.

In addition to these features, the service protects Penn intellectual property and FERPA information via a University contract, which is stronger than click-through agreements for similar commercial services like Dropbox.

Penn has contracted with Internet2 for the Box service as part of ISC’s ongoing strategy of partnering with preferred and trusted organizations as a way of providing flexible and secure cloud service options.

To learn more about the service, visit

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