Security Update: SafeDNS now on AirPennNet

On 5/25/2016, ISC deployed SafeDNS to AirPennNet.

Users connected to AirPennNet will now enjoy additional protection from the Penn SafeDNS service against known malicious servers. We expect this to result in less exposure to web-based malware, a lower rate of host compromise, and fewer instances of successful phishing attacks.

SafeDNS has an excellent track record of delivering security benefits to interactive users without disrupting legitimate network activity. There have been a single-digit number of verified false-positives since the service entered its pilot phase several years ago.

Starting with the production launch in February 2015, SafeDNS quickly grew to support over 40,000 unique monthly users, including those on AirPennNet-Guest and many wired networks across PennNet. Today's expansion opens the door to more than double the number of users on SafeDNS.

DNS servers for AirPennNet clients are configured via the central DHCP service. Prior to this morning's change, AirPennNet was configured to use ISC's standard DNS resolver service. Other wireless networks, such as AirPennNet-Device and eduroam, are not affected by this change.


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